To open the budget

to lay before a legislative body the financial estimates and plans of the executive government.

See also: Budget

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In this case, even without internet access, your laptop displays the contents of your OneDrive account and allows you to open the Budget.xlsx file.
Under a changed strategy, the opposition leader, who had on Friday refused to open the budget discussion due to a similar noisy protest by the treasury members stating that he would do it only when the house would be in order, continued his speech ignoring the protest by the government members who had also surrounded him during the speech.
Expenses will be charged against the appropriations to open the Budget 2016.
With this new query, we no longer need to open the Budget Assumptions Entry Form and can delete that action, too.
Long have said of late that the effort by Quaboag Regional school officials to open the budget process and work with the towns was a pleasant change from past experiences.
But the LDP's Diet affairs management chief, Tadamori Oshima, told reporters the LDP cannot accept a demand to open the Budget Committee to investigate the allegation while the Diet is not in session.
Expenses will be charged to the appropriations of operation to open the Budget Primitive of the city for 2015.