To pass muster

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He had primed us with such general information as he thought would be necessary for us to pass muster before Sorav, after which we would have to undergo a further examination before Salensus Oll that he might determine our physical fitness and our ability as warriors.
The other parts of the dress are sufficiently quiet to pass muster; the bonnet and veil are only old-fashioned, and the cloak is of a sober gray color.
Sometimes since Lizzie was left free by father's death, I have thought that such a young woman might soon acquire more than enough to pass muster. And sometimes I have even thought that perhaps Miss Peecher--'
Viewed as an entire piece this is a genuinely good production but it fails to pass muster musically.
"The geniuses are working on it," Dowd said."If it passes muster with the tax lawyers and accountants, then it has to pass muster with the Office of Government Ethics." He added,"The president is worried about staffers who have good lawyers and they can't afford them." During former President Bill Clinton's administration, private funds were raised to cover his own legal expenses related to the Whitewater investigation.
Even as a straight-to-DVD release, this would fail to pass muster.
THE acquittal of a rape- cum- murder accused on the basis of a suicide note by the police officer who probed the case -- which made healines in 2006 -- has failed to pass muster with the Supreme Court.
* Congress passed a sanctions bill more likely to pass muster with the White House that could still affect Iran's Central Bank.
Most of her victories were denoted by the form book comment 'made all', a characteristic of Pipe's horses at the time, although her trailblazing tactics failed to pass muster in the Triumph Hurdle, in which she finished ninth.
Not only must she like it--nutrition and taste-wise--but it has to pass muster with two 20-something, culinary-trained sons.
"And while we may not have the billion-person audience and scandalous attire of that 'other' trade association, Pinnacle nominees have to pass muster on 82 judging criteria--not just one outstanding performance!" It was Park Avenue buildings that brought home the most statuettes at the building and industry's leading competitive event, along with the New York City Department of Buildings, which received the special Henry J.
The fete nevertheless seemed to pass muster. Of the entire experience, producer Paula Wagner diplomatically remarked that the show "has its own place in the sun."