To pick off

To pluck; to remove by picking
- Robynson (More's Utopia).
To shoot or bring down, one by one; as, sharpshooters pick off the enemy.

See also: Pick, Pick

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
They attempt, also, together with the Chimango, to pick off the scabs from the sore backs of horses and mules.
LIMERICK can pick up a second successive win in Newcastlewest against WATERFORD while ANTRIM look well placed to pick off struggling WEXFORD.
The analyst notes that as part of his expectation of slower 2019 growth, he prefers companies with "strong balance sheets to both protect and provide flexibility to pick off quality assets should a downturn materialize." Jones also sees Curtiss-Wright benefiting from the increase in the Department of Defense budget as well as the cyclically positive position of its power business.
I really enjoyed the race - everything went to plan and we managed to pick off the favourite.
The action is just right in this classic, and whether you are driving around wiping out different bits of the cartel or doing some recon work to pick off enemies with your sniper rifle from a distance all while dodging the helicopters who are out looking for you, the game delivers in a big way.
In the build-up to the race Hamilton had promised to pick off his rivals one by one to clinch the crown, and can at least claim he is on track after overtaking Kimi Raikkonen.
Greenfly and blackfly are more difficult to pick off or dispose of manually, but there are plenty of sprays around that will get rid of them quickly.
Continue to pick off slugs and snails in the early evening or after rainfall, to stop them doing further damage ?
Snipers and irregulars were always ready to pick off careless Union scouts, and many Southern women defended their homes with fierceness and pride.
Competitive predators sniff the weakness in the air and circle in to pick off the best of the business.
But it does mean you're free to pick off the best of the experienced people from other agencies and mix them in with bright young people capable of learning fast and motivated to give the job their best.
As the battle moved higher into the mountains, Japanese machine gun crews intensified efforts to pick off the advancing troops and those attempting to re-supply them.