To play truant

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SOCRATES: Then consider the matter in this way:--Imagine that I am about to play truant (you may call the proceeding by any name which you like), and the laws and the government come and interrogate me: 'Tell us, Socrates,' they say; 'what are you about?
In nearby Lancashire, youngsters looked after by Manchester, Stockport and Rochdale councils are all more likely to play truant than all schoolchildren in those boroughs.
PARENTS have been caught allowing their children to play truant from school as a "treat for Christmas".
If you operate this system, you are encouraging children to play truant.
PM Gordon Brown has revealed he was hit with a belt at school - for plotting to play truant to watch a football match.
WHEN Midland mum-of-three Tanya Brookes was jailed for allowing her son to play truant, the authorities thought it would teach her a lesson.
SCHOOL bullying forces 20,000 pupils to play truant every day, according to a report out yesterday.
The fines double to pounds 100 if not paid within 28 days and are a last resort before taking legal action against parents whose children continue to play truant.
Despite getting into trouble with truancy officers and the police, Becky continued to play truant for about 18 months.
A mother is likely to spend Christmas behind bars after being jailed for eight weeks for allowing her 13-year-old son to play truant.
Parents who allow their children to play truant face prosecution.
PATRICIA Amos, the mother jailed for allowing her teenage daughters to play truant, was released early from prison yesterday.