To play upon

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To make sport of; to deceive.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
A few moments later, a queer sight amongst all these untoward and unexpected happenings, a fire engine dashed under the arch, narrowly missing the broken fragments of brick and stone, swung around, and a dozen fire-hoses commenced to play upon the flaming building.
I suppose Becky was discontented with the new piano her husband had hired for her, or perhaps the proprietors of that instrument had fetched it away, declining farther credit, or perhaps she had a particular attachment for the one which she had just tried to purchase, recollecting it in old days, when she used to play upon it, in the little sitting-room of our dear Amelia Sedley.
It is therefore plain what instruments they should use; thus, they should never be taught to play upon the flute, or any other instrument which requires great skill, as the harp or the like, but on such as will make them good judges of music, or any other instruction: besides, the flute is not a moral instrument, but rather one that will inflame the passions, and is therefore rather to be used when the soul is to be animated than when instruction is intended.
We should give players with artistry, imagination and guile a platform to play upon.
This void allows the Nigerian government, through the NNPA, to play upon the longstanding notion that the mainstream white media are ruthlessly attacking a poor, beleaguered African nation.
First sold in 1928 by toy makers Chad Valley, Escalado was a complicated device that required a good-sized dining table to play upon.
Insisting that Milton allowed his imagination to play upon his experiences in the creation of his characters, Fallon shows that aspects of Cromwell no less than of Charles I find their way into Milton's Satan as well as his God.
Head promoter at Barfly Paula Stewart said: "The Barfly and the Zanzibar have decided to team up to bring the Seel Street Festival and offer bands a stage to play upon on the two days Mathew Street Festival was scheduled for.
Hussein's statements appeared to be an attempt to play upon resentment among many Sunni and Shi'ite Arabs for what they believe to be overly assertive Kurdish nationalist demands.
Wildlife is threatened when humans disrupt "their" community, whether to drill for oil in the wilderness or to create a smooth grassy lawn for children to play upon. All life on earth is totally dependent upon the energy that comes from photosynthesis, which in turn is only possible because a healthy soil food web enables plants to grow.
To play upon your analogy, it's like positioning yourself for a spectacular dive without knowing how to swim.
If Souza's art is rich in suggestions, like a wanton fabulist, Anjolie Ela Menon, in her Raphaelite renditions of the Brahmin and the young maiden, brings a definitive aesthetic to play upon the conventional image.