To pull down

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to demolish; to destroy; to degrade; as, to pull down a house.
- South.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Last summer the islanders grew wearied, as their premier explained, of "playing at being savages for pennies," and proceeded to pull down all the landing-towers on the island and shut off general communication till such time as the A.
He heard her, and tried to pull down the sail; but the wind would not let go of the broad canvas and the ropes had become tangled.
They mean to pull down Wickham Place, and build flats like yours."
All round this they had cleared a wide space, and then the thing was completed by a paling six feet high, without door or opening, too strong to pull down without time and labour and too open to shelter the besiegers.
But, unfortunately, the VC of the University is spreading misinformation that the Delhi government is trying to pull down the Ambedkar statue," Gautam added.
Rescue workers and officials from the Lagos State government have, already moved into the site of the building to pull down the remaining structure.
Kyaw San, a spokesman for the airport, said the pilot informed the control tower before landing that he was unable to pull down the nose wheels.
ISLAMABAD -- PML-N spokes person Maryam Auranzeb has said his ability and cabinet ill performance is enough to pull down Imran Khan government and opposition will have not to bother for this job.
But in the last five weeks, we managed to pull down banners at 200 places as they wrongly made the banners which have spelling errors in Khmer or have no Khmer language on them,' he said.
They will then move to Langata Road to pull down a five-storey building opposite T-Mall.
The order to pull down the buildings was issued at the end of last year and the Roma were informed of todayas operation in advance.