To raise steam

to produce steam of a required pressure.

See also: Raise

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Barry Biomass is a gasification plant that involves the heating of wood chips at high temperatures, producing a combustible synthesis gas which is then used to raise steam and generate electricity using a steam turbine.
Looking to the future, Felix says that with the Fulton boiler only being used to raise steam at 0.7 bar for the process, there is plenty of scope for expansion when the time comes to further increase production capacity.
The syngas is fed into a combustion chamber, which provides heat to raise steam in a boiler which drives the turbine and generator.
We went for coil boiler technology rather than firetube to raise steam as it has a much smaller footprint and is very efficient."
The Fukushima plant has only one cooling system, which uses the reactor's heat to raise steam directly for power generation, which, according to Professor C.F.
In many cases, heat recovery is not considered because the heat distribution is provided by a low pressure steam system and the refrigeration system does not deliver recovered heat at high enough temperatures to raise steam.
There was usually 25 to 40 pounds of steam left, allowing Dad to turn on the blower to raise steam pressure before his brothers arrived at 6 a.m.
In combined cycle power plants, the energy is first converted into power in a gas turbine and subsequently the thermal energy of the hot exhaust gas is used in a heat-recovery steam generator to raise steam for a steam turbine.
Gas is used in boilers to raise steam and to dry the paper sheets once they have formed.
The heat produced during power generation is recovered, usually in a heat recovery boiler, and can be used to raise steam for a number of industrial processes, to provide hot water for space heating or, with the appropriate equipment installed, cooling.