To ride down

To ride over; to trample down in riding; to overthrow by riding against; as, to ride down an enemy
- Fielding.
(Naut.) To bear down, as on a halyard when hoisting a sail.

See also: Ride, Ride

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
In the winter season Chambers was on hand, in Tom's worn-out clothes, with "holy" red mittens, and "holy" shoes, and pants "holy" at the knees and seat, to drag a sled up the hill for Tom, warmly clad, to ride down on; but he never got a ride himself.
Word on the web Cyclist tows baby and children along busy road in makeshift trailer WALES in the 70s we used to ride down rapids in a blow up boat, speed down hills in home made carts, swing from trees by ropes, we survived as I am sure these kids will.
Sir Chris said: "It's a great feeling when you reach the top of a hill and get to ride down the other side of it," Sir Chris said.
These four young lasses look as if they are having fun pretending to ride down their street on the machine.
As many as 1,000 people are expected to ride down to the south coast for Britain's first National Lesbian and Gay Biker Rally.
I WAS horrified to ride down street after street of boarded up houses in Anfield.
RESIDENTS are worried about plans to allow cyclists to ride down a busy pedestrianised street.
Not only did it thrill our daughter to ride down the aisle on her dad's lap but that thrill also extended to her father in an immeasurable way.
They will form part of a 250-strong team raising money for the Royal British Legion and are due to ride down the most famous road in Paris flanked by a motorcade of French police.
''He will still ride as a freelance, and if he has a good horse to ride down south he will be able to.''
A true mountain bike - one that will be a delight to ride down twisting trails, along wooded firebreaks, and on sundappled logging roads - has a light-weight alloy frame designed for agility and speed.
However I would never cycle on the road in that area as there are lots of parked cars and, being a cyclist, I would have to ride down the centre of the road to avoid the parked cars thus being in danger of been knocked down.