To ride roughshod

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to pursue a course regardless of the pain or distress it may cause others.

See also: Roughshod

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"These new proposals will allow developers to ride roughshod over local opinion.
ONCE again Royal Mail staff are contemplating industrial action over management attempts to ride roughshod over them.
"It is fairly typical of the way that he and some other people in the Coalition have tried to ride roughshod over people's deeply-held views" - Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, hits back at Mr Clegg.
The governors and head teacher should be held to account and not be allowed to ride roughshod over parents, teachers, students and future generations of children in the area.
[bar] SIR - It is a great shame indeed that the Vale of Glamorgan council cabinet have decided to ride roughshod over a schoolboy's winning entry to name the new Welsh-medium seed school in Barry, presumably for political reasons.
I am disappointed that the Westminster Government is once again planning to ride roughshod over the concerns expressed by MPs elected by the people of Wales.
The senior management of this company seem determined to ride roughshod over their staff."
WHY has Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive Stephen Hester been allowed to ride roughshod over a Commons finance committee which had no backbone?
IS KARREN Brady saying get rid of the ban on fox hunting, and allow hunts to ride roughshod through the countryside to satisfy their blood lust as previously?
The Czechs in particular seem willing to ride roughshod over the EU's legal powers on visa and immigration policy in a mad dash to secure visa-free travel.
"However, any changes must not give a green light to supermarkets to ride roughshod over legitimate local concerns about large-scale developments."
It calls for nations to ride roughshod over their immigration laws, in order to move non-citizens into jobs.