To rub down

To clean by rubbing; to comb or curry; as, to down a horse
To reduce or remove by rubbing; as, to rub down the rough points.

See also: Rub, Rub

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He left an aluminium trunk containing two Roland Street Cube EX amplifiers, leads, a stool, his collection bucket, signs and his CDs, at the foot of steps outside his house in Bolton Street as he ran inside in driving rain to rub down his guide dog, Toffee.
Jan Ford, by email AUSE coarse grade steel wool to rub down the doors.
A Use a very fine grade sandpaper to rub down the area - two or three rubs will do - then quickly give the whole door a quick buff with the sandpaper before revarnishing.
Basically you dip this sandpaper into water and then use it to rub down the sheen on the gloss, to give the surface a "key" to take the water-based paint.
Then was drizzled with delicioussmelling exotic flower oil - I could literally feel my neglected skin soaking it up - before Amy started to rub down my arms and legs with salt.
Secretary Sue Morton, 47, from Welwyn, has lost 61b, but wants to lose at least 1st 81b: "I have been getting cramp when I do the exercise video, so I now miss out one count of eight to rub down the muscles."
"I used to work at Swan Hunter and we would have to rub down the raw asbestos and paint it.