To rub off

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to clean anything by rubbing; to separate by friction; as, to rub off rust.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
The brown scales, too, had evidently undergone rigid discipline, in an unavailing effort to rub off the rust, which, alas!
He wished to rub off the velvet of his horns against the cold stones of Kali's statue, and stamped his feet when he saw the man at the shrine.
Bad habits cling to us, however, with such persistency that I did mechanically pull out my handkerchief and begin to rub off the welcoming smudge, a thing I never would have dreamed of doing in the glorious old days; but an artful scent of violets clinging to the handkerchief brought me to my senses, and with a sudden impulse of scorn, the fine scorn for scent of every honest Backfisch, I rolled it up into a ball and flung it away into the bushes, where I daresay it is at this moment.
And they began trying to rub off the superfluous dirt from each other's jackets; but it was not dry enough, and the rubbing made them worse; so in despair they pushed through the swing-door at the head of the stairs, and found themselves in the Doctor's hall.
The reason for this is because after the design has dried on the canvas, they will have to rub off all the white paper.
Metellus suggests purchasing only lined garments "because you don't want the tanning to rub off on your clothes." Regardless of the product, "make sure the stitching is not sloppy."
The most efficient production method was to print the numbers over the varnish, but that made it possible to rub off part or all of the serial number if the ink had not had time to dry.
IT seems Fergie's financial acumen is starting to rub off on her mates.
"But the problem was that as the game progressed and he got more and more sweaty the make-up started to rub off.
"I now sell the markers through major retail outlets such as Bookers Cash & Carry and Office World to customers such as restaurants who want to write their menus on a blackboard but don't want the chalk to rub off," says Dennis.
But besides the obvious contribution of ink film thickness and the possible choice of a low-rub or no-rub formulation, Ford said the ink-water balance and newsprint characteristics will influence an ink's tendency to rub off.
But by the end of the first day it had started to rub off at the tips and in two days the streaks were even more obvious.