To run away

to flee; to escape; to elope; to run without control or guidance.
- Locke.

See also: Run

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And of course, they can create a safe place to run away to when the injustices of Pre-K existence become too much to bear.
Abu Dhabi Criminal Court heard that the men, who are Indian and Bangladeshi, persuaded the five women to run away from the homes of their sponsors.
Al-Tawi said one of the young women, who is 19, had allegedly convinced the others to run away with her.
I asked her how she managed to run away from our home and why?
Those who experience family problems, including divorce, death, and relationship changes, are three times more likely to run away - and more than a quarter of children (27%) admit to keeping problems and worries to themselves because they're too scared to talk to their parents.
To think that 18 children are estimated to run away from home during Sunday s game says a great deal.
When faced with the overwhelming pressures of life's difficulties, the majority of us tend to run away.
RAWALPINDI, August 10, 2011 (Frontier Star) -- An Anti terrorism court Rawalpindi Division has extended the judicial remand up to August 17 of 29 accused involved in helping arrested Pakistan Muslim League (N) lawmaker Anjum Aqeel Khan to run away from Police custody.
Graeme Brown, the group's director, said: "By continuing to fail those children who feel their only option is to run away, we are guilty of creating a society where lost life opportunities and squandered potential thrive.
Girls are more likely to run away than boys, with 12% of girls and 8% of boys reporting they have run away overnight.
was also charged with stealing a pick-up truck from an employee and using it to run away.