To run riot

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References in classic literature ?
While I was allowing my fancy to run riot in wild conjecture on the possible explanation of the strange anomalies which I had so far met with on Mars, Sola returned bearing both food and drink.
In his romantic comedies and comedies of manners Shirley vividly reflects the thoughtless life of the Court of Charles I and of the well-to-do contemporary London citizens and shows how surprisingly far that life had progressed toward the reckless frivolity and abandonment which after the interval of Puritan rule were to run riot in the Restoration period.
In 2023 the US government have instigated an annual purge where all law is suspended for 12 hours - allowing people to run riot.
STOKE boss Mark Hughes insists Everton powerhouse Romelu Lukaku will not be allowed to run riot today.
Liverpool are also taken to run riot against Fulham and a supremacy buy at 2 is the call.
Fans expecting the home side to run riot after the break were disappointed as Hyde kept possession for long periods without really prising open the home side's back four.
Errie Claassens' intercept try within two minutes of the restart secured the bonus point, with Welsh seemingly poised to run riot. However, only Brown was able to cross for them again.
Dominic James added a third as Nunthorpe promised to run riot, playing some excellent football.