To salt away

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to prepare with, or pack in, salt for preserving, as meat, eggs, etc.; hence, colloquially, to save, lay up, or invest sagely, as money.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Anderson led by one hole when he birdied 18 to salt away the victory and led since parring the 14th hole and birdieing 15 to take a 2-up lead.
Principality's business savings manager Nicola Crocker said it was clear that the uncertain economic climate was encouraging businesses to salt away funds.
But Army hit four free throws in the final seconds to salt away a 65-61 Patriot League women's basketball victory over Holy Cross at Christl Arena.
NBA director, Kim Haywood said: "Traders have told us that a concerted move to sell off a nationwide overload of unsold steak and topside was initiated this week to make room for the forequarter beef that traders must soon begin to salt away for autumn.
WORKERS are finally starting to salt away more cash in UK pension schemes.
Mariners' manager Lennie Lawrence must be thanking his lucky stars his team managed to salt away four victories in their first six league starts because their current form has that overpowering odour of relegation all over it.
It means that any family earning less than pounds 16,000 a year will be able to salt away a nest-egg of up to pounds 5,000 - with HALF of it provided by the Government.
It doesn't hurt that the Stein Roe Young Investor Fund boasts an average annual return of 36.31% from March 1995 to March 1998, and will accept initial investments as small as $100 if you set up an automatic investment plan to salt away $50 a month.
Boss opened the secret account to salt away profits made from the Third Reich.
The plot to salt away takings in the Barrhead shop had been hatched in an attempt to ease his desperate situation.
Apparently, Mr Mobutu has managed to salt away US$50m beyond the reach of the sequestrators, and he's willing to give our reporter no less than 20pc of those funds for his help.
Investors are busy grabbing their last chance of the 1997-98 tax year to salt away money tax-free in shares held through PEPs.