To scare away

to drive away by frightening.

See also: Scare

References in classic literature ?
I'm not feeling well," said the Scarecrow, with a smile, "for it is very tedious being perched up here night and day to scare away crows.
There is yet, in the Temple, something of a clerkly monkish atmosphere, which public offices of law have not disturbed, and even legal firms have failed to scare away.
So I took the intermediate course of walking slowly but steadily towards them; resolving, if my approach failed to scare away the beau, to pass by and tell Miss Murray her mamma wanted her.
A faint smile flitted over her lips when she recognized how barely perceptible was now that crimson hand which had once blazed forth with such disastrous brilliancy as to scare away all their happiness.
Describing the last year's attack on Amarnath yatris as an isolated incident to scare away visitors, the director of the tourism department in Kashmir, M A Shah, according to the reports, had asserted that such attempts would not succeed.
Police officers who arrived later fired in the air to scare away the people who also stole from the premises.
One of the troubled motorists, unidentified yet, suddenly started removing his clothes in a bid to scare away the protesters.
They react to distress sounds and will run over to see what it happening, and that's usually enough to scare away the predator.
P []`OPD OP B\` dO@FBD hB }[QfR`bOPD @RafaelNadalFCsaid: "Nice to see again @RUFUSTHEHAWK, used at the #Wimbledon Tennis Championships to scare away pigeons.
Councillors have discussed the possibility of drafting in two or more Harris hawks to scare away the pigeons, which they say are being encouraged by scraps of food left by the public.
I was put here to scare away the birds but they come no matter how hard I try I've stood and acted all tough and macho but Crows still poke me in the eye.
Melbourne, Dec 16 (ANI): A Danish politician has come up with a unique way to scare away immigrants.