To sell short

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(Stock Exchange) to sell, for future delivery, what the party selling does not own, but hopes to buy at a lower rate.

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To sell short, you borrow shares from your broker and sell them today, at the current [and, you hope, inflated] price.
The Fund may borrow stocks that are sold short to make delivery to the buyer but it may not always be able to borrow a security it wants to sell short.
One way to limit this exposure is to sell short XLE in an amount equal to 10% of the holdings in the broader indices," Krause points out.
The fund's portfolio managers will decide which stocks to buy and which to sell short based largely on Schwab Equity Ratings, a sophisticated yet straightforward method of analyzing stocks.
Further, it is also our opinion that these offshore entities instruct their brokers to sell short, maybe even on the down-tick, with the intent to manipulate the stock of targeted companies.