To set forth

to begin a journey.

See also: Set

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Captain Bonneville did his best to set forth the merits of his nation, and the importance of their friendship to the red men, in which he was ably seconded by his worthy friend, the old chief with the hard name, who did all that he could to glorify the Big Hearts of the East.
Even if a taxpayer fails to set forth an exact overpayment amount on an intended protective claim, rendering the claim "incomplete" within the meaning of SCA 199941039, it arguably should be entitled to supplement the claim by quantifying the specific refund it is seeking and providing the supporting information.
Furthermore, the intention of the ordinary and universal Magisterium to set forth a doctrine as definitive is not generally linked to technical formulations of particular solemnity; it is enough that this be clear from the tenor of the words used and from their context" (emphasis mine).
When performance standards are involved, it is important to set forth a protocol for determining compliance.
The Notice of Claim further alleged that the amendment of certain public health regulations to set forth criteria which must be met in order for New York City to avoid building a $2.5 billion water filtration plant, prevents development and decreases property value in Westchester and Putnam Counties and, consequently, injures the claimants.
The purpose of this letter is to set forth an administrable framework for reconciling the tax policy underlying the section 1.861-8 regulations with the Nation's well-established interest in encouraging charitable contributions, especially with respect to internationl disaster preparedness and humanitarian relief.