To set off

To enter upon a journey; to start.
(Typog.) To deface or soil the next sheet; - said of the ink on a freshly printed sheet, when another sheet comes in contact with it before it has had time to dry.

See also: Set, Set

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
The ladies themselves seem so sensible of this, that they are all industrious to procure foils: nay, they will become foils to themselves; for I have observed (at Bath particularly) that they endeavour to appear as ugly as possible in the morning, in order to set off that beauty which they intend to show you in the evening.
Her brother, she found, was preparing to set off with all speed to Fullerton, to make known his situation and ask consent; and here was a source of some real agitation to the mind of Isabella.
When the contents of the letter were ascertained, John Thorpe, who had only waited its arrival to begin his journey to London, prepared to set off. "Well, Miss Morland," said he, on finding her alone in the parlour, "I am come to bid you good-bye." Catherine wished him a good journey.
They ordered the lackeys not to unsaddle the gorses, and to hold themselves in readiness to set off again immediately.
Adam, after making an ineffectual attempt to eat, put the food in his pocket, and, drinking a draught of ale, declared himself ready to set off. As they approached the cottage, it occurred to him that he would do well to learn from the old woman where Dinah was to be found in Leeds: if there was trouble at the Hall Farm--he only half-admitted the foreboding that there would be--the Poysers might like to send for Dinah.
This year, Taipei City government will partially lift restrictions and open up four riverside park areas for people to set off firecrackers on Lunar New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
Ubauro -- The hand of a minor girl was reportedly given in marriage to set off a family loan near here Monday.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-February 16, 2017-HiQ announces share issue to set off additional payment of acquisition
Of the third variety, account combination--the implied contractual right of a depository bank to set off a current customer debt balance against a reciprocal deposit account balance--is introduced as a contractual set-off prototype, and becomes a key focus of the analytical exercise undertaken in Part IV.
So why don't we use them for something good, like to set off volcanos, and keep the world's temperature just where we like It.
Whilst Castle Hill provides a great vantage point for seeing displays from all around the Huddersfield area, the council would like to remind you not to set off fireworks or build fires at Castle Hill, or any of our other parks and open spaces without permission.