To shell out

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to distribute freely; to bring out or pay, as money.

See also: Shell

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We can't treat human beings as variable costs, to be paid whatever the boss decides they can afford to shell out.
The Reds had to shell out a further PS100,000 when Ward made his senior debut against Bournemouth in the Premier League in April.
These days it's foolish to shell out big sums of money with so many companies going bankrupt.
Sadly, time can be cruel in the gaming world and, though trumpeted as a remake, it is just as stuck in the past as the first outing, offering a downright broken gameplay experience to anyone foolish enough to shell out their cash for it.
They have become an instant hit among Indian women who are prepared to shell out up to 450 pounds for the unique garment.
9 billion) on a special outing, such as a dinner or a sporting event, but clothing still ranks high among gift givers, who are expected to shell out $1.
It comes as it emerged fans in New York hoping to catch the star at her two dates in the city will have to shell out g315 to see the Confessions tour which opens in LA on May 21.