To show forth

to manifest; to publish; to proclaim.

See also: Show

References in classic literature ?
which, barred with various tints, seemed like the Andes' western slope, to show forth in one array, contrasting climates, zone by zone.
Many great minds, youths that are meant to show forth the glory of their family and country at large have lost their lives because of road crashes.
Both as individuals and as a nation you are to show forth the light of Christ by the quality of your lives" (29 November 1970).
Quinn says he hopes the collection will eventually "become a source of inspiration and information to encourage the aesthetically Christian mind of the young and old while providing a premise for love and thanksgiving in an effort to show forth the grace of God and His power in our lives.
An Internal Communication of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops dated March 23, 1970, regarding the implementation of this practice, states that to show forth
It is given to be used responsibly to show forth God in our lives--that is, to glorify God, Who is also the source of morality and law.
If the point of the miracles in Exodus is to show forth the power and glory of God, it must be admitted that Katzenberg's renditions of these signs are impressive, even breathtaking.
As individuals, we are called upon to show forth the gospel.