To shut off

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To exclude
To prevent the passage of, as steam through a pipe, or water through a flume, by closing a cock, valve, or gate.

See also: Shut, Shut

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There are a wide variety of designs to shut off the melt, including shut-off pins or needles, ball-valve shut-offs, blade shut-offs, etc.
6 million by the bankrupt municipal government to shut off residents' water.
If a sensor detects water, it wirelessly signals the valve to shut off.
During last year's particularly cold winter, a significant number of properties were damaged by burst pipes because tenants didn't know how to shut off the heating system.
Each year gas utilities issue thousands of orders to shut off service for a variety of reasons.
This has left us with no option but to shut off the main as an emergency so repairs can be completed.
As a result, the district informed selectmen that it intended to shut off some of the hydrants this month, and asked the board to select which ones.
Frustrated with Californians' reluctance to conserve in times of energy crisis, Southern California Edison has resorted to a futuristic mouthpiece to get them to shut off the electricity.
The HDAC section of the new complex binds to chromatin to shut off genes, just like all other HDACs; the challenge lies in uncovering what the BHCllO component does.
She said: "My neighbour came round to tell me to shut off the gas and then we went round the doors telling people to shut off their gas.
The ADC dryer can be programmed to shut off when the sheets remain slightly damp.
SmartGuardian doesn't turn Internet access on or off completely; the system only shuts off the Web sites that parents ask it to shut off.