To shut off

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To exclude
To prevent the passage of, as steam through a pipe, or water through a flume, by closing a cock, valve, or gate.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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According to BPU guidelines, a utility company currently does have free authority to shut off power due to delinquent payments.View the full article from NJBIZ at
Our patented technology is a combination of a detector, alarm and valve to shut off the source of the problem and not just warn you about it.
There are a wide variety of designs to shut off the melt, including shut-off pins or needles, ball-valve shut-offs, blade shut-offs, etc.
Homrich Wrecking is a private corporation that was given $5.6 million by the bankrupt municipal government to shut off residents' water.
If a sensor detects water, it wirelessly signals the valve to shut off. You can also install a temperature sensor ($90) that shuts off the water when indoor temperatures fall to 38 degrees F.
During last year's particularly cold winter, a significant number of properties were damaged by burst pipes because tenants didn't know how to shut off the heating system.
Each year gas utilities issue thousands of orders to shut off service for a variety of reasons.
* ARV pneumatic manual shut-off pressure relief valves with a 3-way, 2-position design that is used to shut off upstream pressure and relieve downstream pressure.
"This has left us with no option but to shut off the main as an emergency so repairs can be completed."
So, the pilot has to shut off the starter manually.
"This left us with no choice but to shut off the main and complete the repair.
"I don't think it's the board's responsibility to tell water commissioners which hydrants to shut off," Selectman Robert W.