To sit down

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When you have already bought your ticket do you really want to pay PS60 to sit down with a cheap bottle of fizz?
I thought it was better to sit down than fall down.
Shara Tibken, a senior reporter for CNET and CBSI who covers Apple and Samsung, said Apple denied Cue told Rihanna to sit down.
The study showed those suffering from symptoms of depression during pregnancy are more likely to sit down for long periods of time in the second trimester.
If you can get them to sit down, you can get them to spend money," says Chad Koep, who owns the store in Fairmont, Minnesota.
I told you to sit down, so sit down" - Commons Speaker John Bercow rebukes the Chancellor George Osborne.
Jeff Thomas | If I want to sit down I will watch it at home.
I dropped my book bag beside the last desk in the middle row and started to sit down.
Here's my pal--a very bright and very successful businessman--who, when all is said and done, wanted/requested/expected/hoped for nothing more than to have, in his own home, one guaranteed quiet place to sit down.
No thought has gone into these seats, it seems they do not want you to sit down.
But she had to ask if she could do more standing links yesterday as it hurt her to sit down, leaving co-host Phillip Schofield on the ITV sofa.