To sit down

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So Jack tried to sit down; but as soon as he bent his joints farther than usual they gave way altogether, and he came clattering to the ground with such a crash that Tip feared he was entirely ruined.
Summary: New Delhi (India), Aug 1 (ANI): Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Thursday took objection to a member from treasury benches telling a Congress leader to sit down during debate on POCSO amendment bill and said if such a comment is repeated he will ask the concerned member to apologise.
The outgoing Prime Minister was widely expected to sit down for a bilateral meeting with the US President following his arrival at Number 10 tomorrow - and ahead of a joint press conference by the two leaders.
He said: "December has been that crazy that it has been tough to sit down and talk.
John Cornyn of Texas said on Thursday that he wanted to sit down with one of the leading Senate Democrats to talk gun policy in the wake of Wednesday's mass shooting at a South Florida high school.
Charging your audience to sit down! When you have already bought your ticket do you really want to pay PS60 to sit down with a cheap bottle of fizz?
"I thought it was better to sit down than fall down.
Shara Tibken, a senior reporter for CNET and CBSI who covers Apple and Samsung, said Apple denied Cue told Rihanna to sit down. ".@Apple says @Cue was talking to someone he knew between him and @rihanna.
The study showed those suffering from symptoms of depression during pregnancy are more likely to sit down for long periods of time in the second trimester.
"If you can get them to sit down, you can get them to spend money," says Chad Koep, who owns the store in Fairmont, Minnesota.
I told you to sit down, so sit down" - Commons Speaker John Bercow rebukes the Chancellor George Osborne.