To sleep away

to spend in sleep; as, to sleep away precious time.

See also: Sleep

References in classic literature ?
He meant to go to bed and try to sleep away these wretched doubts and questionings.
Sikes, meanwhile, flinging himself on the bed, and composing himself to sleep away the time until the young lady's return.
She threw herself on her bed, with a sullen impulse to sleep away the time.
And now, good-night; go to your rooms, and try to sleep away all recollections of this evening.
Those popular programmes the 'Masquerade'', 'Cockcrow at Dawn'', 'The Village headmaster'' and others were left to sleep away,'' he said.
In the same letter he described how they had come out of trenches for a few days of rest, commenting that it was nice to sleep away from the wet, although they were still sleeping in their clothes.
a place to sleep away from war and hope for my tomorrow.
Jim Baxter, who had known the couple for more than 30 years, told the court: "He [Cyril] said he was going to get a gas cylinder, get a couple of bottles of vodka, go down behind the garage and they were just going to sleep away.
When I asked him at the age of twenty-one why he had gone back to camp, he replied, "Dad, if you can't learn to sleep away from your own house, you are going to have to live with your parents for the rest of your life.
A surprising number however hibernate as adults and actively seek out cool, dry and dark places to sleep away the winter months.