To sleep off

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Take her right up, Alec; I've got the hot water ready, and after a nice bath, she shall have a cup of my sage tea, and be rolled up in blankets to sleep off her cold," answered the old lady, cheerily, as she bustled away to give orders.
We had with us a certain youth named Elpenor, not very remarkable for sense or courage, who had got drunk and was lying on the house-top away from the rest of the men, to sleep off his liquor in the cool.
The police station being crowded to the doors, and stinking with "bums," Jurgis did not relish staying there to sleep off his liquor, and sent for Halloran, who called up the district leader and had Jurgis bailed out by telephone at four o'clock in the morning.
The conundrum of being shatteringly tired before bed, yet not able to sleep off, is not unheard of.
But the court heard she only sought medical help two days later when her boyfriend took her to hospital after allowing her to sleep off what he assumed to be a hangover.
Meningitis UK's chief executive Steve Dayman said: "We've come across tragic cases where students have gone to bed to sleep off a hangover and have later been found either dangerously ill or dead in the morning.
A DRUNKEN dad let his eight-year-old son drive him AND his young daughter while he tried to sleep off the booze, US cops revealed yesterday.
I once swallowed Valerian, to sleep off a man, and fell into a
Policy Exchange said excess drinking over New Year could cost the NHS pounds 23 million and individuals, should cover the cost of being admitted to hospital to sleep off the effects of drinking too much.
Around one in seven workers said they tried to have a catnap in the office to sleep off a hangover, either at their desk, in the toilet or even during a meeting.
l Drunken revellers celebrating the introduction of the new licensing laws will be able to sleep off the booze at a makeshift all night clinic on Newcastle's historic Quayside.