To slip off

to take off quickly; as, to slip off a coat.

See also: Slip

References in classic literature ?
Goring is not nearly so pretty a little spot to stop at as Streatley, if you have your choice; but it is passing fair enough in its way, and is nearer the railway in case you want to slip off without paying your hotel bill.
If a woman of my age and the mother of a family hasn't got sense enough not to slip off haymows, she'd ought to suffer.
I told him I must go, but he took no notice, so I thought the best thing I could do was to slip off.
Thakor, having batted with great determination to score 34 off 130 balls, edged to slip off Simon Kerrigan and Tom Wells was trapped lbw by Kyle Hogg.
WHEN heavy snow brought down part of tenant Laura Capper's guttering she contacted the city council at once because it had left a hole in her roof and the tiles were liable to slip off.
He was then caught in Fiji but managed to slip off the isle by boat before being seized again in neighbouring Vanuatu.
He was a little stiff on his front leg, which caused him to slip off (the mound) a little bit.
When the muscle and collagen sheath stretch far enough, they begin to slip off the tip of the tongue skeleton.
He had lifted the motor home using an industrial air jack, but the ground beneath it apparently gave way, allowing the motor home to slip off the jack, King said.
Less doting is Leontine's husband, Monsieur Duchotel (Caulfield), whose frequent ``hunting trips'' are actually ruses allowing him to slip off to Paris to see a mistress.
Rudy Boesch, the retired Navy SEAL who was considered the favorite of the final four contestants in polls, ruined his chance in a characteristic lapse of sense when he allowed his hand to slip off a totem pole during the second immunity challenge of the broadcast.
is being sued by Paula Johnson, the mother of one of the babies, who claims that the company's Veri-Color identification bands' defective design allowed them to slip off her daughter and another child, leading to the inadvertent switch about four years ago.