To snap off

To break suddenly
To bite off suddenly.

See also: Snap, Snap

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The tree was battered by severe gales last Firday night which caused the top to snap off and the lights to trip and fall.
July 24 - Use mole grips to snap off door handle of garage door.
But it hit the Iveco lorry, causing the wing mirror to snap off, go through the open window and hit the driver.
For years, my solution was to snap off the dull tip with pliers (my cheapskate reputation is legendary).
They use boltcut-ters to snap off padlocks or force doors open before taking anything they can carry.
It is thought the culprits scaled scaffolding on Cardiff Castle to snap off the 2ft-long hour hands in what officials are calling 'pure vandalism'.
The time has come to snap off the beaded cape that has concealed this plot to homosexualize America by uncovering these, the 12 TV Shows Designed to Make Us Gay:
While the preferred method of preparation is to snap off the tough end of each spear individually, if you're in a hurry and precision isn't an issue, lay a bunch of spears down on a cutting board and whack the ends off all at once with a chef's knife.
Whenever a problem arises - the pitcher suddenly starts throwing low or high, inside or outside, failing to snap off the breaking pitch it is up to the coach to locate the cause and make the correction.
I want it all, Lord/the heights and the depths," goes the flag of a quote from Theodore Roethke that is raised at the end of this book, and a veteran Sallemane has no choice but to snap off a weary, game salute.