To spring forth

to leap out; to rush out.

See also: Spring

References in classic literature ?
I would die with love, and love only, in my heart, and your name, and yours only, on my lips, so that if anywhere we live again it shall be ready to spring forth to greet you.
The time has finally come for Zionist chains to be broken and for self-determination, dignity, and transformative justice for Palestinians to spring forth across synagogues, churches and mosques worldwide.
It's time to spring forth a good message of peace and unity.
The Chinese word for spring has the character for the sun at the center, emphasizing its role in allowing seeds to germinate, and for life to spring forth.
And so the Earth is a gift from God, as an abode and a base from which to spring forth into existence, and from there, into the unknown realm of possibility; And Allah has made the Earth a spread for you, so that you may go about its broad ways' (71,20).
Much as every instinct will teach you that a big hug and a nice word or two is the best option, it can only unleash the torrent of tears just waiting to spring forth.
And we always leave a part of the canvas bare, for new ideas, projects and programs to spring forth.
But things may have got out of hand as, when Golden Bollocks and Five-Out-Of-Six were vacating the Black Horse in Locksbottom the other night, they lit up two of Cuba's finest exports, only for a Dalai Lama lookalike to spring forth from a bush and douse the stunned pair with a pint of water.
With Qaddafi, the style is that of a friendly and chatty lecture--no hectoring--as he seeks to educate and inform his awaiting audience, who at summit meeting tend to wear faces that try to appear bemused or dismissive, but instead fail utterly at hiding the dread at what bombshell statement, analysis or truth is about to spring forth at them in full view of the Arab public and live on TV.
I realise this may spoil things a little if you were expecting romance just to spring forth from love but your boyfriend might just be clueless about what makes you happy and no amount of hinting can do what a good conversation can.
Of course, it was only a matter time before the profanities began to spring forth from his lips; he's with his mother all day, after all.