To stand corrected

to be set right, as after an error in a statement of fact; to admit having been in error.

See also: Stand

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I want the detractors to stand corrected by understanding that such understatements and pronouncements cannot be owned up by me.
consciousness, no soul--although in saying so I seem to stand corrected.
I can't answer [critics] with one result but bit by bit, as we progress and improve, they will have to stand corrected.
However, following their prize-giving ceremony on Tuesday, Froggatt was happy to stand corrected.
But, and I am happy to stand corrected on this, I don't recall Saints bringing over an overseas player on such a lengthy contract in recent times.
HAVE I to stand corrected by Jim Corbett (Voice of the North, October 9)?
I am happy to stand corrected on this matter, and I trust that Baras will lavish the same erudition and attention to detail on his critique of Rico, or, as he obliquely prefers, "la edicion del Quijote a cargo de Francisco Rico" (119), which suggests that responsibility for the omission lies with Rico's assistants and not with the master himself.
I'm willing to stand corrected, but somehow I just can't believe that these winning punters tried and failed to get on with the other firms before depositing their cash with Ladbrokes.
But I am ready to stand corrected on this point: one should not pretend to understand too quickly a work of such complexity.