To stand corrected

to be set right, as after an error in a statement of fact; to admit having been in error.

See also: Stand

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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'If I am wrong in assuming these deals are bad for us, then I am glad to stand corrected, but I would like the minister to please be rational in your answers to us.
He added: "We have written to the Treasury to seek clarification, and are happy to stand corrected if there is some form of rational way of doing this, but it appears to undermine the very principles on which WTO rules are based.
I want the detractors to stand corrected by understanding that such understatements and pronouncements cannot be owned up by me.
consciousness, no soul--although in saying so I seem to stand corrected.
I can't answer [critics] with one result but bit by bit, as we progress and improve, they will have to stand corrected.
However, following their prize-giving ceremony on Tuesday, Froggatt was happy to stand corrected.
But, and I am happy to stand corrected on this, I don't recall Saints bringing over an overseas player on such a lengthy contract in recent times.
Yes, at, with over 16,000 items listed "there really is something for everyone" (apart from, say, a rhinoceros, perhaps, or maybe Hitler's moustache - although, like a man in an orthopaedic shoe, I'm willing to stand corrected).
I am happy to stand corrected on this matter, and I trust that Baras will lavish the same erudition and attention to detail on his critique of Rico, or, as he obliquely prefers, "la edicion del Quijote a cargo de Francisco Rico" (119), which suggests that responsibility for the omission lies with Rico's assistants and not with the master himself.
I'm willing to stand corrected, but somehow I just can't believe that these winning punters tried and failed to get on with the other firms before depositing their cash with Ladbrokes.
But I am ready to stand corrected on this point: one should not pretend to understand too quickly a work of such complexity.