To stand fast

to be fixed; to be unshaken or immovable.
- Wycherley.

See also: Stand

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
So saying he unbuckled his baldric with the bugle, took a feather from his cap, and gave them to Wamba; then drew a vizard from his pouch, and, repeating his charges to them to stand fast, went to execute his purposes of reconnoitring.
Then was the time for the tall spars to stand fast in the great uproar.
Nothing remained for him but to stand fast and hold up.
"Citadel of the Saxons" vividly evokes the forgotten Lundenwic and the later fortress on the Thames (Lundenburgh) of desperate Saxon defenders who retreated inside their Roman walls to stand fast against menacing Viking incursions.
They lauded the degree of awareness among the Syrian people, which allowed it to stand fast in the face of this war despite all the foreign support for terrorism.
"Such heinous acts of terror will never have a bearing on the Egyptian people's determination to stand fast against the evils of terrorism which fly in the face of all religious and human values and principles," said the ministry.
Islamic Stateleader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi exhorted followers on Thursday to stand fast and keep fighting in his first purported audio communication in almost a year during which his jihadist group lost much of its self-proclaimed "caliphate".
He reaffirmed Hezbollah's support for the Palestinian cause, stressing that occupation would not be able to stand fast as long as resistance is alive.
Orders now came to stand fast, and at twilight a patrol of Cameronians consisting of one officer and twenty-five men were sent out.
This bloodbath deserves the strongest condemnation and the firmest resolve to stand fast and never to bow to terrorism.
"We lost Ramadi and the withdrawal of troops from Ramadi was not authorized and orders were to stand fast, and the investigation in front of me, and I am studying it, and will be ended after a month and I will announce it".
"In our responses to the threat be aware that these extremist groups want to spread fear by competing in brutality," Eliasson warned, adding that "extremist groups seek to divide, aim to polarize." The UN official stressed the need to stand fast for the values that were the cornerstones of the United Nations and of democratic societies, and urged to continue to be guided by fundamental belief in human rights, and the principles of due process and the rule of law.