To stand one's ground

to keep the ground or station one has taken; to maintain one's position.

See also: Stand

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Drawing up the courage to stand one's ground did not always have to take place at a voter registration office or a segregated lunch counter.
When faced with a perceived threat of death or serious bodily harm, even if it later proves to be unfounded, a person has the right to use lethal force - to stand one's ground and not retreat.
Unfortunately, someone's rights must yield to another's in the situation where the need to stand one's ground may arise.
All this and other factors still motivate continuing to stand one's ground in the theaters of the "Arab Spring.
Zimmerman was incited to commit his "crime" by two laws passed by the Florida legislature under the inspiration of right-wing ideologues: the right to carry a concealed weapon and the right to stand one's ground and defend ones person and property with deadly force.