To step aside

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to walk a little distance from the rest; to retire from company.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Serpent, would you be so kind as to step aside to let me pass?"
A great cataract of flounces rolled down from the young lady's waist to Newman's feet; he had to step aside to avoid treading upon them.
There is great danger in meeting him, and the best way is, upon such an accident, to step aside and let him pass by.
She caught them in her hands, in spite of his efforts to step aside, and with her face upon the floor lay writhing.
| A MAN denied possessing drugs at Aberdeen International Airport and failing to step aside to allow passengers to board a plane.
Bissue, who is also a Presidential Staffer, in a letter to the President in March, this year, decided to step aside to avail himself for investigations, after he was allegedly accused by Anas-Tiger Eye PI documentary on Galamsey fraud.
"Out of respect, Robert Muthomi has asked to step aside from his position and we have granted his wish, in the hope that he will in time be vindicated.
Under-fire Football Kenya Federation Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robert Muthomi yesterday opted to step aside to allow investigations into his involvement in underhand transfer deal revolving around Sofapaka striker John Avire.
Kurya, however, announced his decision to step aside and excused himself from the criminal case levelled against the lawmaker.
While acknowledging that it was Zahid's prerogative to not take a leave of absence until his criminal case is settled, the former minister pointedly said Umno members could invoke Article 9(2) of party constitution to pass a resolution for Zahid to step aside temporarily.
His departure was announced in an email last Wednesday, headed "Chief executive Tony Chambers steps aside - important message for our staff", which reads: "After six years of service to the Countess of Chester Hospital, chief executive Tony Chambers has decided to step aside from his post."
ANDRES INIESTA has confirmed his international retirement with an open letter in which the former Barcelona man said "now is the time to step aside" after Spain were knocked out of the World Cup by Russia.