To step aside

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to walk a little distance from the rest; to retire from company.

See also: Step

References in classic literature ?
Serpent, would you be so kind as to step aside to let me pass?
A great cataract of flounces rolled down from the young lady's waist to Newman's feet; he had to step aside to avoid treading upon them.
There is great danger in meeting him, and the best way is, upon such an accident, to step aside and let him pass by.
She caught them in her hands, in spite of his efforts to step aside, and with her face upon the floor lay writhing.
The two principal officers of the Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti were directed to step aside for a period of three months consequent upon an on-going restructuring.
According to reliable sources, Abbasi asked the finance minister to step aside in the view of the current circumstances, to which Dar initially agreed.
Seizing on the political limbo to speak out, civil society groups and opposition leaders urged Mr Mugabe to step aside after 37 years in power and for the country to transition into free and fair elections.
One analyst said he believed the negotiations "have pretty much reached an end-point" to get Mr Mugabe to step aside and that it was a "matter of hours or days"
US House Speaker Paul Ryan had dubbed the sexual misconduct allegations against Moore as "credible", calling on the latter to step aside from the race.
Sources expect either Smith or rival candidate Angela Eagle to step aside before MPs' nominations close tomorrow afternoon to maximise the chances of ousting Corbyn.
It brings to eight the number of those asked to step aside since an inquiry into the error was launched last month by new boss Dave Lewis.
But in this case, there are other factors that should lead him to step aside, she said.