To strike root

to send forth roots; to become fixed in the earth, etc., by a root; hence, in general, to become planted, fixed, or established; to increase and spread; as, an opinion takes root.
- Milton.

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It will also allow tolerance and respect for pluralism and diversity to strike root in Palestinian political culture.
Even when they eventually leave Europe and reach the land of Israel, they fail to strike root.
They primarily show Indian language channels and have managed to strike roots within the "large South Asian viewer base here".
On the other hand, Marcos Bilico Vale Regional Manager said that the Sultanate has managed in 41 years to strike roots among its neighbors as an incubator for developmental projects, based on Oman 2020 vision which aims at achieving sustainable growth in an economy driven by private sector and moves toward export increase.
The 863 programme has funded the wind power industry, though protectionism has helped it to strike roots in China.
Both novels deal with immigrant families striving to strike roots in the hostile environment of Eretz-Israel, and the problems entailed are told from a child's point of view.