To sweep the deck

(Card Playing) to clear off all the stakes on the table by winning them.

See also: Deck

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The squad needs a major overhaul and the new manager, whoever it will be, cannot be afraid to sweep the decks because the club's major investor won't be scared of doing so.
The disappointment around last Friday's 39-27 home loss to Gloucester makes the temptation to sweep the decks an almost irresistible one, given that eight of their nine World Cup stars are now available to them.
Terry Butcher did not arrive at Highfield Road clutching a big broom ready to sweep the decks clean of what John Sillett had left; his has been more a gradual transformation.
The Belgian Blue cow, who is four in July, is just starting out on a showing career, and was placed second in her class the other week at the Ayr show before coming south of the Border to sweep the decks at the Corbridge event yesterday.
It's an opportunity to sweep the decks clean, relaunch the ship with more responsible owners and competent officers in charge.