To take care of

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Dr Alvi said the present government was committed to take care of the orphans, but it was also the responsibility of society to play its role in that regard.
She apparently realized that she needed to take care of herself, and that's why she went to the wellness facility.
According to Prophet Damoah, it is a biblical responsibility of the church and community to take care of widows and orphans.
After working in the UAE for the past four years, I have just started staying at home to take care of my two-year-old baby.
She explains, “In June, I resigned from my teaching position, packed some belongings, and headed south with three kids, two cats, and a dog to St Augustine, Florida, to take care of Mom.
"Like a good coach whose job is to take care of the practice, how to prepare the team and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the rival team, he is taking care of all such things so it's nice to work with him," said Misbah.
Our employers MSACS (Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society) and NACO (National AIDS Control Organisations) are just like a father to us so they have to take care of us like a father, they must look into our demands.
But his parents yesterday vowed to take care of her financially.
Perhaps this headline isn't surprising, but now it has scientific backing: new research at the University of Haifa found that grandchildren who, during their childhood, were taken care of by their grandparents, expressed a greater desire to take care of their grandparents as they aged than did grandchildren who were not taken care of by their grandparents.
For us, our Expeditionary Medical System, our EMEDS--which goes all the way from a one pallet capability that we can put into place with a surgical team and the ability to set up within minutes to hours and begin to take care of patients--all the way up to a theater hospital of 75 to 100 beds, and anything in between, allows us to support the full spectrum of threats that we face.
Don't wait for that perfect time or those perfect conditions to take care of your PM business.
But I use the Four Directions, using the West; I'll say to the West, tell the North, the East and the South and soougwioodeessuteh that this situation exists and that you need to take care of it.