To take off

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on Sunday, failed to take off due to engine problems, which resulted in a seven-hour delay.
The Boeing 777 was scheduled to take off from Islamabad to Riyadh at 4am on Wednesday (today) but now it will leave for Riyadh at 6am on Thursday (tomorrow).
According to reports in RT, the flight was scheduled to take off at 11.55 pm but it took off at 12.05 am.
For the perplexed passengers, the announcement from the pilot was that he had to take off since another plane was standing on the runway.
An Emirates plane, which was delayed from taking off from London to Dubai on Friday night because of a suspected bomb threat, was finally allowed to take off on Saturday after police confirmed that there was nothing suspicious on board.
The plane landed safely and the fault was repaired before it was allowed to take off again.