To take off

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According to reports in RT, the flight was scheduled to take off at 11.
For the perplexed passengers, the announcement from the pilot was that he had to take off since another plane was standing on the runway.
The plane landed safely and the fault was repaired before it was allowed to take off again.
All of a sudden there was a big column of black smoke with flames beneath it,'' he said, adding that it appeared the plane crashed after it tried to take off from the hill-bound No.
Boy it's tragic,'' said Campbell, who said it appeared the plane crashed as it tried to take off uphill into a canyon.
Kids will say they want to take off the vests because it's too hot.
If a pilot calls the tower and says they're ready to take off, we don't have any way to know if they're qualified to fly that airplane or not,'' said FAA spokesman Mitch Barker.
So far, it's been easy to lose, Zakarian said, but if the regimen she's on stops working, she'll do whatever it takes to take off more pounds.
9, 1997: While preparing to take off from Marrakech, Branson's Virgin Global Challenger tears away by itself in a strong gust of wind.
The probable cause of the accident, the board concluded, ``was the pilot in command's improper decision to take off into deteriorating weather conditions.
It also falls to the pilot to calculate the technical adjustments necessary to take off at an airport with a different elevation than home; in Jessica's case, 6,000 feet higher than usual.