To talk shop

References in classic literature ?
Martin wanted him to talk shop, and, though he seemed averse at first, succeeded in making him do it.
But," he added, giving himself a shake, and turning round gaily, "I did not come here to talk shop. So--pending the deluge--let us enjoy ourselves after our manner."
"We are here to express our solidarity and show our firm rejection of such terrorist attacks", he said, addressing an elite which gathered an elite which gathered to talk shop at Davos Forum-2015.
The Real Deal Editor Stuart Elliott recently sat down with Shaun Osher of boutique real estate firm Core to talk shop. Having been with the magazine since its inception, Elliott spoke about the challenges of starting a publication, from working out of Publisher Amir Korangy's apartment to getting sued (and winning) over the publication name.
All he could say was "he did not want to talk shop".
For those who like to talk shop on the golf course, the BASF 2004 EIA Golf Invitational has been scheduled for Mon., May 17, at 8:00 a.m.
The book may not automatically appeal to the average reader because journalists like to talk shop. But anyone interested in the profession or firsthand experience of the war would be well served by picking it np.
Often viewed as a loner, van Gogh in fact loved to talk shop. During the months he spent in Paris before touching down in Arles, he met nearly all the innovative artists of his period, the petit boulevard painters (as opposed to Monet or Renoir, already masters of the grand boulevard).