To talk to

to advise or exhort, or to reprove gently; as, I will talk to my son respecting his conduct.
- Addison.

See also: Talk

References in classic literature ?
Pendleton--or rather, she tried to talk to her about him.
I wanted to talk to him; I wanted to know what he'd done.
The lady that kept the books seemed to want so much to talk to me in English (for the sake of practice, too, I suppose), that I couldn't bear to let her know I didn't like it.
A lot of them were talking about how their moms didn't talk to them, so they found it awkward to talk to their daughters.
If you decide you are willing to expend the energy to listen, here are some techniques that will help you listen so people will want to talk to you and will value you as a person who helps them solve problems.
The fastest way to put your listener to sleep is to talk to him in language he doesn't understand.