To the backbone

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through and through; thoroughly; entirely.
- Lord Lytton.

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The more earnest members of his family never forgave him, and knew that his children, though scarcely English of the dreadful sort, would never be German to the backbone.
And until recently, SAN implementers had no alternative to the Backbone Switch.
The newest addition to the Backbone Trail was officially dedicated last week, bringing the total of the proposed 70-mile trail to 64 miles.
The NSS-7 satellite offers some of the most powerful Ku-band coverage of West Africa available today, making New Skies' IPsys services the most cost-effective and highest quality solutions for connecting to the backbone.
You can spend more time planning - and waiting - or you can get back to the Backbone.
iaxis is a premier player in the Internet backbone industry, and I am delighted that it has recognized the value that InfoLibria's content distribution systems can bring to the backbone," said David Griffiths, InfoLibria's Managing Director of Europe, Middle East and Asia.
McAuley is also the author of local trail guides such as ``Hiking Trails of the Santa Monica Mountains,'' ``Wildflowers of the Santa Monica Mountains'' and ``Guide to the Backbone Trail of the Santa Monica Mountains.
Best guidebook: McAuley's ``Guide to the Backbone Trail'' (Canyon Publishing; $7.