To the backbone

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through and through; thoroughly; entirely.
- Lord Lytton.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They were not "English to the backbone," as their aunt had piously asserted.
When a data packet such as a collision warning message is generated and is ready to be disseminated in a specific area, the sender transmits it to the backbone nodes in the same segment first.
No external forces (contraction or gravitational forces) were applied to the backbone. The three sections can bend and lengthen/shorten, which gives the robot 6 degrees of freedom.
The average number of neighbours of any network node that belong to the backbone has also been simulated.
9, the relative position of side chains to the backbone is different from each other because of the different length of methylene spacing groups in biphenyl side chains.
This network was similar to most permanent networks in that 80% or more of the traffic moved to the backbone, while only a small percentage remained within the work group.
And even when that link was working, they may not have been getting the best possible connection to the backbone and the rest of the Internet beyond, depending on the routing expertise and connectedness of their ISP.
GST will serve as an access point to the backbone, and manage the backbone together with the NTON Consortium, which includes Nortel Networks, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, and Sprint Communications.
A high-availability router attached to the backbone frame switch moves traffic between virtual LANs.
The examples in table 2 show the effect of adding methyl, benzene and carbazole groups to the backbone of polyethylene.