To the bitter end

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Pray don't mind it," she said, "pray don't, really--let it be--" But Whiskey Dick, feeling himself on safe ground in this attention, persisted to the bitter end of a disintegrated and well-worn "Travatore.
And now, honestly, I wished I had put a bullet through my head before joining in this murderous conspiracy; but retreat was impossible, even if I had been the man to draw back after going so far; and I had a still stronger reason for standing by the others to the bitter end.
On one point we were all agreed, and that was that, come what might, we would go through with this job to the bitter end.
By noon the sea went very high indeed, and our ship rode forecastle in, shipped several seas, and we thought once or twice our anchor had come home; upon which our master ordered out the sheet-anchor, so that we rode with two anchors ahead, and the cables veered out to the bitter end.
Also, he explained that there were many accidents in the mills, and that the company's policy was to fight to the bitter end all consequent damage suits.
That's what it is all about now and I'm pretty sure it's going to stay that way right through to the bitter end.
Civilians and soldiers, generals and governors, resolved to fight to the bitter end.
5 announced today the opening of the Caribbean's first and only Adventure Center, a refresh of the resort, and the introduction of a brand-new skin and hair care line exclusive to The Bitter End.
But the poor badger has to live through it to the bitter end.
I would like to see the protesters get on their feet TO fight these projects to the bitter end.
FIFA member Mohamed Bin Hammam intends to fight allegations of bribery all the way to the bitter end - the 62-year-old telling friends he will not follow Jack Warner's example and resign.
We are still very much alive and we will fight to the bitter end to stay in the First Division," Clarke said.