To the question

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to the point in dispute; to the real matter under debate.

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As to the question of the name, I saw it now in the light in which I ought to have seen it from the first.
This prophecy pleased Pierre very much and he often asked himself what would put an end to the power of the beast, that is, of Napoleon, and tried by the same system of using letters as numbers and adding them up, to find an answer to the question that engrossed him.
I shall return to the question of appropriateness later; for the present it is accuracy that I wish to consider.
These are our answers to the questions proposed to the Observatory of Cambridge by the members of the Gun Club:
Non-significant differences were noted between groups in response to the question as to whether or not either photographed girl was in special-education.
Searching the literature was time-consuming and did not yield an answer to the question.
Although participants may have considered real-life experiences, none of the 68 written responses to the question about the coin/die game indicated real-life representations as a consideration in the problem utilizing a less social context.
Some of the team got into minor disagreements about the answer to the question.
Then we will return to the answer to the question, by the assistance of Allah, the Mighty and Majestic.
Such evaluation will deal with the following issues: the attention given to the environment in the AHDR, the AHDR's environmental paradigm, the analytical value of the AHDR, the comprehensiveness of the issues outlined in the AHDR, the strategies advocated in the AHDR, and it will finally refer to the question of the environment within the framework of the Middle East peace process, a dimension which was bypassed in the AHDR.
Even though more than 384,000 voters statewide gave no answer to the question, it was not enough to affect the outcome of the election - but it spurred some political experts to zero in on the error rate and the design of the ballot.
As this same transition also inspired the rise of modern political movements and mass organizations, particularly those of a patriotic and nationalist flavor, women's participation in them automatically drew unprecedented attention to the question of women's roles in the modern and variously imagined Polish nation and civil society.