To throw back

To retort; to cast back, as a reply.
To reject; to refuse.
To reflect, as light.

See also: Throw, Throw, Throw

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Takes 54 Minutes of Work for a Beer in Lebanon For those working in Lebanon at a minimum wage job, it'll take you about an hour to earn up enough to throw back a cold one.
I am absolutely astounded at the lunatic antics of the EU, by compelling fishermen to throw back around one million tons of dead fish into the sea per year.
YOUR correspondent H Lawson is skeptical about the amount of fish that fishermen are obliged to throw back into the sea as a result of the European Union's Common Fisheries Policy (Voice of the North, December 3).
Anglers were asked to throw back their first catch of the day to help conserve stocks.
Dear Editor, So British trawlermen have to throw back 60 percent of their cod back in the sea, to comply with EU quotas on how much fish we keep and how much we throw away.
Conserve fish by all means, but to throw back dead fish defies all understanding and common sense.
IT has taken more than 30 years for the European Union's Fisheries Commissioner to realise that it is "wrong and immoral" to throw back into the sea tonnes of dead fish simply because fisherman have caught the wrong type for their quotas.
Boro were seething after Derby's second goal stemmed from a throw-in which they were expecting the home side to throw back to keeper Mark Schwarzer.