To throw out

To cast out; to reject or discard; to expel.
To utter; to give utterance to; to speak; as, to throw out insinuation or observation.
- Swift.
To distance; to leave behind.
- Spenser.
To cause to project; as, to throw out a pier or an abutment.
- Addison.
To give forth; to emit; as, an electric lamp throws out a brilliant light.
To put out; to confuse; as, a sudden question often throws out an orator.

See also: Throw, Throw, Throw, Throw, Throw, Throw

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The second time around we give each outfielder one chance to throw out the guy out without the benefit of the cut-off man.
Rod Barajas laid down a sacrifice bunt but Morales had the presence of mind to throw out the lead runner.
Virtually every catcher tries to throw out the lead runner in this scenario.
La Mirada's Phillip Van Doren fielded the ball, turned and attempted to throw out Camacho at third but was unsuccessful.
Only an excellent relay from Alex Cora to throw out pinch-runner Craig Counsell at the plate in the eighth prevented the move from backfiring, but Gagne came through for his 52nd consecutive save this season as the Dodgers won 2-0 and closed to within 2 1/2 games of the Florida Marlins for the National League wild card.
Spiezio, an infielder in his day job, made a game attempt to throw out Vidro, but he had little chance to get him with two outs.