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Mack says one of the focuses is to provide certification with the courses in order to build a bank of qualified people who can then begin to train others, similar to a train the trainer program.
NIEHS and its Worker Training Awardees will continue to develop course materials to train trainers and deliver training to target populations in the Katrina response zone including those who may serve as skilled support personnel and disaster site responders.
The employees with the most knowledge and experience using the analyzers are the ones who are authorized to train new hires, he says.
However, failure to train will result in an DFEH order mandating the training.
The AMEDDC&S mission is to train, sustain and evaluate U.S.
Given the limited potential of the new workforce training fund, the Office of Management and Budget should take the next step by requiring agencies to fence off more funding to train acquisition professionals.
Put on top of that vacations, holidays, medical leaves and unscheduled absenteeism and there is NEVER ENOUGH TIME TO TRAIN.
Its purpose is to provide financial resources to Massachusetts businesses and workers to train current and newly hired employees.
Since most lifeguards are trained in pool environments, it is essential to train all of your staff in all the nuances you have with your waterfront program.
A negotiator must fight the inner urge to 'act.' Instead, he or she must sit back and use words to diffuse critical, life-and-death situations." (4) To train law enforcement officers to resist the urge to act and employ effective listening skills can take considerable time and training; practice and repetition are crucial.
DOI University's goal is to train all DOI managers and supervisors, representing over 10,000 employees, by the end of September 2003--a task that could not have been accomplished with traditional training delivery.
In addition to the other online concerns now facing them (concerns such as maintaining sufficient bandwidth availability; quality control; and consistency of curriculum, online, and other distance courses), there was a new concern: how to train the trainers.