To train

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However, failure to train will result in an DFEH order mandating the training.
We want to train all practitioners to look around the housing environment systematically to see what might be causing health problems.
The program's effort to deliver its training products better, faster, and cheaper enables it, in part, to train a 100-level FRS student for $450,000.
You may be surprised to know that you won't need to train at the full 26.
First and foremost was the need for the Croatian Armed Forces to train its leaders to western standards.
Systems developed and delivered to date include ground simulators to train war fighters to maneuver as units through photo-realistic virtual synthetic environments, live-fire targetry and tactical engagement systems that train soldiers to operate in the stress and lethality of combat, and constructive simulations that will prepare Army leaders to address future conflicts.
As a result, both researchers and practitioners are challenged to find new ways to train end users.
The Corporate Education mission is to integrate organizational values and career-long learning within the Service, and to train and educate the work force for sustained excellent performance in fulfilling the broad IRS mission.
Both need to train employees to perform many technical procedures flawlessly.
The first step is an intensive course to train selected people to become in-house trainers for the rest of their colleagues.
The Worker Education and Training Branch (WETB) plans and administers grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and interagency agreements to help organizations develop institutional competency to train hazardous waste workers and emergency responders.
To provide duly appointed VA police officers with a specialized orientation to agency law enforcement policies and procedures, to train these officers in the proper exercise of statutory law enforcement authority, and to teach them to handle situations that involve patients or persons of diminished capacity constitute the mission of the VA LETC.