To turn back

To give back; to return.
to turn so as to go in an opposite direction; to retrace one's steps.

See also: Turn, Turn

References in classic literature ?
The reason it is soon time to turn back is that you sleep from twelve to one.
If I were to point out all the notable places as we pass up the Broad Walk, it would be time to turn back before we reach them, and I simply wave my stick at Cecco's Tree, that memorable spot where a boy called Cecco lost his penny, and, looking for it, found twopence.
They brandished their weapons in a menacing manner, and ordered the boats to turn back and land lower down the river.
Before we had been an hour on the road I should have called to the driver, and should have told him to turn back.
There was no way to turn back and I was driving on for quite a while.
When pigment cells turn off at the end of a hair cycle and fail to turn back on, hair becomes grey.
BAC BA K IN TIME FOR DINNER (BBC 2, Tuesday, 8pm) TOP chef Ken Hom makes an appearance to turn back the clock once more for the Robshaws and take the whole family back to the 1980s.
MH 198 which left Hyderabad on late Saturday bound for Kuala Lumpur had to turn back because of auto pilot defect.
Kuala Lumpur, Jumada I 25, 1435, Mar 26, 2014, SPA -- A local flight in Malaysia was forced to turn back when an engine caught fire shortly after take-off on Wednesday, the airline said, according to dpa.
charter arm, said on Saturday July 13 that it had replaced a small number of components on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner that had to turn back during a flight on Friday and the aircraft had been fully tested and would fly again on Sunday morning.
The Captain elected to turn back to Khartoum International Airport as a standard safety precaution.
Dubai: A Dubai-bound Emirates flight from Sydney had to turn back shortly after take-off on Sunday night due to engine trouble, the carrier said on Monday, with passengers hearing a loud bang and seeing a flash of orange.