To turn off

References in classic literature ?
Pausing in his intention to turn off the gas burning in the middle of the shop, Mr Verloc descended into the abyss of moral reflections.
The chieftain thus left alone was confounded for an instant; but, recovering himself with true Indian shrewdness, burst into a loud laugh, and affected to turn off the whole matter as a piece of pleasantry.
HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) is to turn off its fintech app, Connected Money, and move its major services to its mobile banking app.
Instead, the AP advised users to turn off a setting called "Web & App Activity," which apparently did more location tracking than "Location History." The misleading nature of these settings is the basis for the lawsuit.
At least seven people including a newly-wed couple died of suffocation after forgetting to turn off gas-heaters before falling asleep in Murree on Sunday night.
The campaign has also gained the support of ADT Taxis, who have told the Echo that they will be asking all taxi drivers to turn off their engines in a bid to make a difference.
The National Telecommunications Commission approved the request of Police Regional Office in Central Visayas (PRO-7) to turn off the telecommunication signals in Lapu-Lapu at certain hours on Jan.
The only way to turn off the car is to stop and put the transmission in park first, and then push the STOP/START button.
Owners paid to turn off the turbines I SEE from your April 3rd issue that in the letter 'Onshore wind farm ban to win votes' by David Insall, Environmental Consultant, Tynant, Corwen, that some of your readers feel they have to endure my frothy support for every type of renewable in a ding-dong battle with the frackers (letters 01 and 02 April).
The delegation of protesters entered the territory of the substation in Tamga village at 20.30 and asked the lawmakers to turn off the circuit breaker.
That said, it's still important for you to listen to the flight attendants and follow their instructions to turn off your electrical devices.