To turn off

References in classic literature ?
Pausing in his intention to turn off the gas burning in the middle of the shop, Mr Verloc descended into the abyss of moral reflections.
The chieftain thus left alone was confounded for an instant; but, recovering himself with true Indian shrewdness, burst into a loud laugh, and affected to turn off the whole matter as a piece of pleasantry.
At least seven people including a newly-wed couple died of suffocation after forgetting to turn off gas-heaters before falling asleep in Murree on Sunday night.
If you find iOS 11 still using more battery than you like, one way to ease up a bit is to turn off location services for apps that don't need it.
With the slogan, "Your finger can save the planet", Vodafone held an awareness campaign at its retail stores and in the social media, encouraging the residents of Qatar to turn off lights for Earth Hour.
Whatever you do, though, don't use the switch to turn off your vehicle.
We are encouraging guests in the apartments to turn off unnecessary lights and switches and inviting them to a candlelit dinner in the hotel at 8.
It advised people to turn off the power to holiday lighting equipment when they
The county council plans to turn off another 1,000 to save about pounds 19,000 a year.
Daniel Cook, aged nine, from Northfield, said: "We need to turn off the electricity because it's ecofriendly.
As part of a global campaign by the World Wildlife Fund to highlight climate change, Durham County Council asked schools and offices to turn off lights for an hour.
Taking part in the noble campaign like the millions of people and establishments internationally who turned off their lights, the hotel management established its sincere initiative for energy conservation by turning off its non-essential external lights as well as actively encouraged its guests to turn off the lights in their respective guestrooms for one hour.