To turn tail

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Still I advanced steadily, looking for him to turn tail at any moment and run.
Indian airforce jets intercepted at least three Pakistan warplanes that crossed into the Indian side of Kashmir and forced them to turn tail, an Indian official said.
PESHAWAR -- The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Tuesday adopted a unanimous resolution strongly condemning Indian aircrafts' intrusions across Line of Control (LoC) in Azad Kashmir and lauded timely response by the Pakistan security forces that compelled the intruders to turn tail and flee from our space.
Rather than stepping up to combat the "anti-Israel" bias they allege at UNESCO, the Trump administration has chosen to turn tail and run, completely ceding influence to other powers such as China, Russia and the Arab states in an organisation that makes decisions on everything.
I bet Cameron is sorry he opened Pandora's box when he didn't need to, mind you having said that, when the decision didn't go his way he decided to turn tail and run.
"i'm not going to turn tail after five months here and say i didn't know what to expect.
Custer was ambushed as the survey party worked, Sitting Bull was in turn attacked by the troops, and Custer and his men had to turn tail and repair to Bismark.
Adam, of Glendower Avenue, Whoberley, took a continuous series of 80 shots starting with the first charge going off - including seven with the building on its way down - through to the dust cloud coming over when, he says, "I had to turn tail!" He writes: "Crowds gathering to the south of the Massey Ferguson tower were engulfed in a major plume of dust as the building was raised to the ground on Sunday morning.
In a split second decision I felt forced to turn tail and run for it!
London, Jan 1 (ANI): US mobile phone giant AT and T became the latest sponsor to turn tail on Tiger Woods following allegations of multiple extra-marital affairs, which soiled the golfer's pristine image.
Not only did Bentick Hinton, known as Ben, 61, save her life but his actions caused the would-be robber to turn tail and run empty-handed from the bank.