To turn tail

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Still I advanced steadily, looking for him to turn tail at any moment and run.
Rather than stepping up to combat the "anti-Israel" bias they allege at UNESCO, the Trump administration has chosen to turn tail and run, completely ceding influence to other powers such as China, Russia and the Arab states in an organisation that makes decisions on everything.
I bet Cameron is sorry he opened Pandora's box when he didn't need to, mind you having said that, when the decision didn't go his way he decided to turn tail and run.
i'm not going to turn tail after five months here and say i didn't know what to expect.
Custer was ambushed as the survey party worked, Sitting Bull was in turn attacked by the troops, and Custer and his men had to turn tail and repair to Bismark.
In a split second decision I felt forced to turn tail and run for it
London, Jan 1 (ANI): US mobile phone giant AT and T became the latest sponsor to turn tail on Tiger Woods following allegations of multiple extra-marital affairs, which soiled the golfer's pristine image.
Then, he didn't wait around for anyone to turn tail and trudge back to their workstations in the press box.
It was at this moment I decided to turn tail and head for something a little less precarious.
Just don't be surprised that, when the cycle flips and brokers and carriers find themselves under pressure to turn tail, your coverage strategy may be headed for a flop.
IN Iraq the US are about to turn tail and skulk away blaming the Iraqis for not wanting their help.
It is a captivating but confusing time for the swaggering, bungling 21-year-old who has already earned himself the nickname "Runaway" due to his tendency to turn tail when the going gets tough.