To veer away

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The outline of the iceberg is now discernible, and it looks as if the ship will not be able to veer away cleanly, in time.
Initial investigation of the Nabunturan police showed that the right front wheel of the Metro Shuttle driven by one Hamper Khen Despi exploded prompting the bus to veer away from its lane just as the Bachelor Express driven by one Cruz Daig was approaching resulting in a collision at about 1 p.m.
While President Donald Trump was unlikely to veer away from Washington's One China Policy, Taiwan was a democracy and a market economy, so the U.S.
NNA - In an issued statement on Saturday, the Progressive Socialist Party responded to the press conference by Lebanese Democratic Party Chief, MP Talal Arslan, saying, "The Progressive Socialist Party confirms that it will not be dragged into pointless debates nor engage in futile discussions, the aim of which is to veer away from the main incident that took place in Choueifat and led to the martyrdom of Alaa Abu Faraj." The statement underlined the Party's firm position that the official sides concerned assume their responsibilities in order for justice to take its toll; hence, all those involved in this regretful incident would receive their punishment in accordance with the law.
A new country also allowed Fazli to veer away from being typecasted for making family films.
And perhaps some women also want to veer away with the idea that people see computer science enthusiasts as geeks and nerds, or robot...sometimes.
But the state under this system began to veer away from support of communism, and eventually the state collapsed.
"Downtown Fayetteville is, luckily, starting to veer away from only a bar scene," she said.
It was always going to take a decent vehicle to persuade bona fide movie star James Woods to veer away from his glittering film career and lend his status to a TV show.
These statements seem to veer away from the bishops' previous trenchant opposition to all such experimentation and to the use of such methods to help infertile couples have children.
The panorama for industrial and household consumption in Venezuela is not likely to improve during 2002, although there are hopeful signs that the Chavez regime is beginning to veer away from some of the disastrous economic policies it originally espoused.
Marjorie Anderson acknowledges in her foreword that some writers "approach distinctly personal moments with caution and then veer away." They should not have been permitted to veer away. They should have been pushed to delve further into whatever it is that makes us keep secrets and nurture shame.