To wage battle

(O. Eng. Law) to give gage, or security, for joining in the duellum, or combat. See Wager of battel, under Wager, n.

See also: Wage

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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And Jollibee will have to wage battle against a major plank of the Chinese economy, its counterfeiting industry.
The drone war has escalated since drones achieve military objectives with no human casualty on the offensive side, much like sending Robocops to wage battle in the fields.
Those who left for Malawi were Greg Snow from Muthaiga, Simon Ngige (Thika), Dismas Indiza (Mumias), Riz Charania (Windsor), Ganeev Giddie (Muthaiga), Sujan Shah (Sigona), Anil Shah (Royal), Erick Ooko (Royal), David Wakhu, Tony Omulli, and Joseph Karanja, all from Golf Park.Those who were due to wage battle in the Rwanda Open are Kopan Timbe, Sullivan Muthugia, Justus Madoya, and Alfred Nandwa.
Many who went to wage battle against the enemy in foreign fields knew in their hearts there was a chance they would not return.
So the claws have come out, with Israel's supporters there, who have talent to burn as peripatetic pressure groups, prepared to wage battle, beginning with branding BDS, and those who back its tenets, as anti-Semites.
But will factions - including Texas and the Trump administration - continue to wage battle over it?
A Clash Royale team battle will essentially be a new game mode that allows two players from the same clan to wage battle against two players of another clan.
From the 11th to the 14th centuries, powerful forces used the city as an excuse and an inspiration to wage battle in the name of God against those they perceived as non-believers.
Their only hope for survival lies with Horus (Nikolaj), the all-powerful god of the air who must return from exile to wage battle in an epic confrontation where only one god can survive.
But even some of Mikati's supporters, confident in the politician's popularity, have urged him to wage battle rather than opt for a political settlement.
Global trends support Anna protest; as advanced economies struggle, foreign investors and India's elite have good reason to wage battle against corruption
Villagers who fought off controversial proposals for a new housing estate in their community are set to wage battle again as developers bring the plans back to the table.