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But hee the seventh from thee, whom thou beheldst The onely righteous in a World perverse, And therefore hated, therefore so beset With Foes for daring single to be just, And utter odious Truth, that God would come To judge them with his Saints: Him the most High Rapt in a balmie Cloud with winged Steeds Did, as thou sawst, receave, to walk with God High in Salvation and the Climes of bliss, Exempt from Death; to shew thee what reward Awaits the good, the rest what punishment; Which now direct thine eyes and soon behold.
I will discard my crutches to walk with God in the sand in His kingdom by the sea, where there are no sheds for hiding the uglies in us, our monsters, teratoids and grotesques.
8220;You can win the battle over temptation in your life and you can learn to walk with God in the very same way Jesus walked with God, the disciples walked with God and Abraham walked with God,” Pope writes.
In his homily, the patriarch emphasized the preeminence of faith, drawing examples from the Old and New Testaments: Abraham "answered the call of God and ventured to walk with God without any guarantees, with absolute confidence and full surrender, without fear or hesitation.
29, 2012, 90 participants from almost every pastoral charge in the presbytery came together to share how they planned to walk with God in their communities.
The 2011 Census data, which shows that well over half the people in Wales consider themselves to be Christians, indicate that the majority of our nation still yearn to walk with God.
In Psalm 15, the Psalmist reminds all people of faith of what is expected of those who wish to walk with God.
West's College Dropout has been called one of the best albums of the year, one that signals a new direction in hip-hop--one with sarcastic lyrics ("Workout Plan"), gospel choirs, brave lyrics that talk of trying to walk with God and be "in the life" at the same time ("Jesus Walks"), and politicized statements about hustling and working retail.
To help a child to health," it proclaimed, "is to walk with God.
But ``since I have decided to walk with God, it has changed my entire life.
In Psalm 15, the Psalmist reminds all men and women of faith what is expected of those who wish to walk with God.