To weigh anchor

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On the morning of the 11th, the repairs being all finished, and the water casks replenished, the signal was given to embark, and the ship began to weigh anchor.
Her name was Aurora Kruiser, and she, too, was getting ready to weigh anchor.
If you were put off first time around, there's never been a better time to weigh anchor.
However, the chaos since last year's revolution, the repeated strikes, the cutting of railway lines and Nile Cruisers being prevented to weigh anchor have taken their toll.
It should have ensured a decision before Fred Olsen Lines decided to weigh anchor.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said the ship was expected to weigh anchor last night.
After a night on board and a very thorough briefing from the ultra-efficient but delightfully affable base manager, Nicole, it was time to weigh anchor.
With the wind and tide both favorable, the signal was given to weigh anchor, and the fleet moved forward about seven miles to an open and flat shore.
The pounds 6million pirate-themed Mutiny Bay is the perfect setting for any would-be Jack Sparrows and their families to weigh anchor for some swashbuckling shenanigans.
Anchored in the Charpentier Roads, St Nasaire, and having embarked an estimated 9,000 troops she was preparing to weigh anchor on June 17, 1940 when she came under attack from a flight of bombers and was struck by four 500lb bombs.
Veterans and onlookers also turned out to watch the frigates,minehunters and patrol craft from eight visiting nations prepare to weigh anchor.
ROUND-the-world yachts-woman Ellen MacArthur is to weigh anchor in Scotland.